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As a child, Margaret, then called Peggie, walked alone through the hills of Western Pennsylvania imagining tales of wild adventures in mysterious lands. It was there, amidst the fields of corn, waves of wheat, and thickets of the woods, that the seeds of her life as a writer were sown. Following a lifetime of service to others not only as a mother and wife, but as a church musician and piano teacher to hundreds of students, Margaret retrieved the volumes of writings she had kept to herself and claimed her true passion—storytelling.


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About The Book

Only in death does Beverly Ann Pitchman dislodge secrets deeply rooted in the hatred she felt for her daughter. Tempted by the scent of gardenias and the smooth touch of leather, Dr. Hope Clarewood discovers that her life, and that of her mother and grandmother were tragically altered nearly a century ago. Lizzy runs to survive, Beverly Ann accepts the inconceivable to stay, and Hope’s unquenchable desire to find answers leads her on a journey into the past towards her future.

Historical Book Series For Modern Times!

Are you looking for the best historical book series? You have come to the right place. Author Margaret Mitchell Faiver’s debut novel, “Running From Her Feet,” is a historical fiction book series that tells a tale filled with mystery and suspense. After the death of Beverly Ann Pitchman, the protagonist Dr. Hope Clarewood begins on a journey to the past that will decide her future. This is set to make you bound to your sofa. If you are looking for new books to add to your list, “Running From Her Feet” is definitely the one for you. Author Margaret Mitchell Faiver’s debut novel is available in paperback book, Kindle, and hardcover formats. So, place your order today and enjoy the literary work of author Margaret Mitchell Faiver. Head on to Amazon to place your order today.

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Are you an avid book reader? Great! We have some exciting news for you. Author Margaret Mitchell Faiver has launched her literary career, publishing her debut novel, “Running From Her Feet.” The book is one of the best historical fiction book series of the current age and promises its readers to take on a journey of reflection, empathy, and resentment. The story talks about the journey of Dr. Hope Clarewood as she digs up the past that turned her life upside down. Looking for new authors to read? You should consider the works of Margaret Mitchell Faiver. “Running From Her Feet” by author Margaret Mitchell Faiver pens a thrilling story that keeps its readers on edge. So, if you are looking for an exciting and gripping read, this book should definitely be on your to-read list. “Running From Her Feet” is book one of what hopes to be a series of books that delves into the complex life of the protagonist.

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Do you love women’s literature? We have the perfect book for you. Introducing, “Running From Her Feet,” by author Margaret Mitchell Faiver, one of the best book series fiction in recent times. After the death of Beverly Ann Pitchman, the protagonist Dr. Hope Clarewood discovers gruesome details about her deceased mother and the relationship she had with her, turning her life upside down. Read as the protagonist takes you on a journey filled with suspense and thrill but also empathy, grief, and resentment. This book is available in hardcover book, as well as Kindle Amazon EBook. Maybe you are someone who likes to read books online, or perhaps you are an old soul who still likes to inhale the scent of new hardcover books. The options are there for you to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today from Amazon and dive in as author Margaret Mitchell Faiver takes you through intense suspense and thrill.

Have you run out of good books to read? Are you looking for new books to add to your reading list? Read this to the end. Author Margaret Mitchell Faiver is a published author who has two books to her name, namely, “Daughter of Roselia” and “Running From Her Feet.” She has written works in both memoir and fiction genres, with her latest book being one of the most exciting book series historical fiction series. “Daughter of Roselia” is a memoir on the life of Norma Jean Newmont Mitchell, who was brought up at the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill at the Roselia Foundling Asylum and Maternity Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after being abandoned by her mother shortly after she was born. “Running From Her Feet” is one of the best book series historical fiction and debut novel by author Margaret Mitchell Faiver that talks about the journey of Dr. Hope Clarewood as she unravels the secrets that altered the lives of her, her mother, and her grandmother, dating back to a century. Both books promise to move their readers through gripping stories and evoke thought-provoking discussions. Both books are available in Kindle EBook and paperback formats.



Author Margaret Mitchell Faiver is a published author who writes mystery, suspense, thriller, and historical fiction novels. Her book, “Daughter of Roselia,” is a memoir and her “Running From Her Feet,” is her first fiction novel series that is founded on the genres of suspense and thriller.  

Currently, author Margaret Mitchell Faiver has two books, namely, “Daughter of Roselia” and “Running From Her Feet.” If you are looking to buy Margaret Mitchell Faiver’s books, you can do so by placing your order on Amazon directly through your desired payment option.

Author Margaret Mitchell Faiver’s books, “Daughter of Roselia” and “Running From Her Feet” are available on Amazon for purchase. “Daughter of Roselia” is available in Kindle and paperback formats. “Running From Her Feet” is available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats.  

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I thought this book was very interesting. I liked it. Good read definitely for someone who has secrets in their pasts.
Kindle Customer
Enjoyable read
This book kept me engaged the entire time. A delightful page-turner that had my heart racing.
A Maze of Mystery and Twists!
"Just finished reading “Running From Her Feet”. Reading the book took me longer than I anticipated, because of your use of short chapters, and abrupt shifts in date, and shifts in narrators. It took me a little time to grasp the book’s structure. But what masterful structure! When I finished the book, I came away with a sense of unease, a very unsettled feeling, and a desire to know more about all of these people, due in large part to the abrupt shifts in time and character throughout the book. Beautifully done! Aside from any personal narrative in the book, I imagine that it may not have been an easy book to write. But I’m very glad you did. I enjoyed reading your work. Thank you!"
Steven Schneider